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Operation Instructions

Preparation before starting:

It should be ensured that the power supply of the finger dexterity training apparatus is connected, and the device is working normally. In the meanwhile, the operation environment should be clean and tidy, preventing interference of the testing process. 
Operation steps:

·Thrusting and withdrawal of needle: Accurately thrust the testing needle into the designated thrusting hole according to the prompt of the training apparatus. It should be noted that the gesture should be kept stable when withdrawing the needle, avoiding shaking or deviation. 
· Flipping of the testing rod: Flip the testing rod with fingers or the palm according to the equipment requirement to finish designated actions. Please pay attention to the cohesion and accuracy of actions during flipping.



In the entire testing process, please be sure to keep the vision align with the thrusting hole and position accurately to guarantee the accuracy of actions. 
The vision and the hand operation are closely combined to form a complete reflex arc to improve the coordination ability between hands and eyes. 

Appropriate training difficulty and strength are selected according to your finger dexterity and capability level, avoiding fatigue or injuries caused by excessive training.

End operation:

After finishing all the testing actions, please power off the training apparatus timely and clean up the operation area. 

By following the above operation instructions, you can effectively use the finger dexterity training apparatus for training to improve the flexibility of fingers and the coordination capability between hands and eyes. Please be sure to keep patient and concentrated when using the training apparatus, and make adjustment and improvement according to your own actual situation.