Finger training instrument

Wireless mirroring training/airwave massage/low-noise air pump with great strength

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Founded in 2021, Jiangsu Beneider Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is a new-type technological enterprise engaging in R&D and production of medical devices. We focus on R&D of technologies and products concerning finger dexterity training apparatus and devote ourselves to providing advanced finger dexterity training apparatus technologies and products to make people’s life healthier! 


Beneider Products

Finger training instrument

For stroke hemiplegic hand dysfunction of the crowd

Airwave massage instrument

Massage for limbs or abdominal cavity

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Our factory has years of production experience. Our private brand has a high reputation in the domestic market. In addition, our products have been exported to many foreign countries. Relying on years of strength, we provide customers with reasonable prices and premium products. 


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